BRACKETOLOGY: Friday March 9, 2012

The way things are turning out, you have to seriously consider Iona

Last Four In: South Florida, Tennessee, Drexel, Colorado St

Last Four Out: NC State, Iona, Washington, Seton Hall


1.Kentucky16.Norfolk St/Western Kentucky(SBelt) Louisville

8.Cincinnati9.Kansas St

5.St. Mary’s(WCC)12.Miami(FL) Portland

4.UNLV13.Long Beach St

6.Wichita St11.Southern Mississippi Albuquerque


7.Florida St10.West Virginia Columbus



1.North Carolina16.Lehigh(Patriot) Greensboro

8.Iowa St9.Purdue

5.Creighton(MVC)12.BYU Albuquerque


6.Notre Dame11.Xavier Columbus


7.New Mexico 10.Alabama Omaha

2.Missouri15.Stony Brook


1.Kansas16.Lamar/Mississippi Valley St Omaha


5.Temple12.Mississippi St Portland

4.San Diego St13.Nevada

6.Florida11.California Louisville


7.Gonzaga10.Harvard(IVY) Pittsburgh

2.Ohio St15.Long Island(NEC)


1.Syracuse16.UNC-Asheville(BSouth) Pittsburgh

8.Saint Louis9.Virginia

5.Murray St(OVC)12.Colorado St/South Florida Nashville


6.Vanderbilt11.Virginia Commonwealth(CAA) Nashville

3.Michigan St14.South Dakota St(Summit)

7.Louisville10.Texas Greensboro


In Graphical Form

5 thoughts on “BRACKETOLOGY: Friday March 9, 2012

  1. Hello, Tennessee’s RPI is at 77, the highest RPI to ever make the at-large field is 74. The highest in the last ten years is 68 in 2002. RPI is a great barometer on at-large teams that make the field and the selection committee no longer looks at the last ten games but of all the games and Tennessee has some really bad loses. Why is Tennessee in?

    Take Care

    1. Tennessee is 10-5 with Jarnell Stokes, which the committee will look at. They do have some terrible losses, but most of them are without him. They also swept Florida, beat Uconn and Vanderbilt. Not many teams on the bubble have those kind of quality wins Last 10 is not an official part of the RPI anymore, but it is something committee members will look at. That’s just human nature.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I like to hear other opinions.

  2. Thanks for the reply, you have many sleepless nights I’m sure putting the bracket together. Also the committee is no longer allowed to take in consideration “hurt” players, but like you said earlier it’s human nature to look at that.

    Take Care

  3. Michigan a 2 seed over MSU. Based on what???????????? Every important number that is looked at says MSU.

    1. Based on Dawson’s injury. If Michigan St continues to play like it did today, it’ll be a 2 seed and Michigan will be a 3 seed.

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