BRACKETOLOGY: Monday December 18, 2017

This Bracket is good for games thru 12/17

Last Four In: St. Bonaventure, Ohio St, Auburn, Temple

Last Four Out: Butler, Texas, Boise St, UCF

Next Four Out: Maryland, UNLV, Providence, South Carolina

Quick Note: One-bid leagues were decided by the team with the highest RPI.


1.Villanova16.Prarie View A&M/Bucknell Pittsburgh


5.Seton Hall12.Towson Boise

4.Purdue13.UC Davis

6.Cincinnati11.Iowa St Nashville

3.North Carolina14.Cal St Bakersfield

7.Notre Dame10.USC Dallas

2.Texas A&M15.Milwaukee


1.Duke16.Penn Charlotte

8.Arkansas9.Rhode Island

5.Oklahoma12.Auburn/Ohio St Wichita

4.Wichita St13.Wagner

6.Tennessee11.St. John’s Pittsburgh

3.West Virginia14.Buffalo

7.Creighton10.Syracuse Nashville



1.Arizona St16.Iona San Diego

8.Missouri9.Virginia Tech

5.Florida St12.Lipscomb Wichita

4.Kansas13.Southern Utah

6.Baylor11.Northern Iowa Boise

3.Gonzaga14.Stephen F. Austin

7.Michigan10.Clemson Charlotte

2.Miami15.South Dakota St


1.Michigan St16.Radford/North Carolina A&T Detroit


5.Texas Tech12.Temple/St Bonaventure San Diego

4.Virginia13.Georgia Southern

6.Arizona11.Middle Tennessee Dallas


7.Louisville10.SMU Detroit

2.Xavier15.UNC Greensboro


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