Seasoned Curry

Stephen Curry is on a tear of epic proportions right now.  He’s scored 44 twice already in is staking his claim as national player of the year.  He has Davidson primed for another undefeated season in the Southern Conference and you can just about book that at-large bid.  I truly believe he’s capable of leading the Wildcats to the Final Four.

Apparently, no one saw his brother coming though. Really?  At 6’3 and averaging 22 points per game his senior year, none of the bigger schools thought it important to throw the full court press on Seth Curry.  It’s already clear that the younger Curry is better than any guard currently playing for Charlotte, NC State, East Carolina, UNC-Wilmington, or Virginia Tech (Where his father, Dell played).  He’s already averaging over 21 points a game and has shown the knack to hit clutch shots just as his brother.  He was only offered by Liberty and Davidson and that’s ridiculous.

Stock Up: Ohio St.  Not only did the Buckeyes stage a furious comeback on the road at Miami, but they also went into South Bend and beat a very good Notre Dame team.  This team has been surprising thus far and may end up being the real challenge to Purdue for the Big Ten title rather than Michigan St.

Stock Down: USC.  Three losses already can’t be good for such a young basketball team.  The Trojans have struggled against quality competition thus far and need to right the ship in a hurry.  The Pac-10 doesn’t appear to be as strong this season so USC has an opportunity to make some noise.  We’ll see how the youngsters react.

Stock Up: Butler.  The Bulldogs lost too much…right?  They can’t possibly be on of the best mid-majors in the country can they?  Don’t look now, but Butler is 6-0 and is coming off an impressive last second victory over preseason Horizon League favorite, Cleveland St.  Butler has games coming up against Ohio St and Xavier so we’ll get a measuring stick of how good it really is.  Right now it’s lookinl like another banner year in Indianapolis.

Stock Down: SEC.  It’s bad.  It’s real bad.  Kentucky lost at home to VMI.  Both Auburn and Alabama lost at home to Mercer.  Georgia lost to Loyola-Chicago.  Vanderbilt lost to Illinois-Chicago.  Tennessee is going to win the conference without much of a challenge from anyone besides Florida.

Stock Up: Western Kentucky.  The Hilltoppers followed up their big win over Louisville with wins over Georgia and at Tulane.  It appears that WKU may be on the fast track to a possible at-large bid.

Stock Down: SWAC.  I understand the nature of the beast.  They have to take games versus a lot of high-majors to get checks, but this is ridiculous.  The 10 teams in the conference are a combined 3-58.  That’s how you end up in the play-in game EVERY season.


1.North Carolina16.Lamar Greensboro, NC


5.Davidson12.Illinois St Miami, FL


6.Florida St11.Western Kentucky Minneapolis, MN

3.Notre Dame14.Navy

7.Michigan St St10.Nebraska Greensboro, NC



1.Gonzaga16.Wagner Portland, OR

8.Dayton9.Seton Hall

5.Villanova12.Washington St Portland, OR

4.Purdue13.Boise St

6.Clemson11.Minnesota Minneapolis, MN

3.Syracuse14.Jacksonville St

7.Marquette10.BYU Kansas City, MO

2.Oklahoma15.Long Beach St


1.Pittsburgh16. ND St/Grambling St Dayton, OH


5.Baylor12.Utah Boise, ID

4.Ohio St13.George Mason

6.Kansas11.Mississippi Kansas City, MO

3.Louisville14.Eastern Washington

7.Arizona St10.Illinois Philadelphia, PA



1.Connecticut16.Cornell Philadelphia, PA

8.Wisconsin9.St. Mary’s

5.Wake Forest12.Butler Boise, ID


6.Memphis11.San Diego St Miami, FL


7.Michigan10.West Virginia Dayton, OH


Please Pray for Rodney

Rodney Rogers

This is definitely a post I wish I didn’t  have to make.  I just want to take this time out to ask everyone to keep Rodney Rogers in your prayers.  The former Wake Forest star was in an ATV accident, which left him paralyzed from the shoulders down.

Rogers is one of my all-time favorite college basketball players.  He could really score in a variety of ways and there really wasn’t anyone on the college level capable of guarding him.  I guess you could say he was a poor man’s Glenn Robinson.  I loved his game and from what I’ve read and know about him, he’s really good person too.  Here’s to hoping he has a full recovery.

The Slap You’ll Feel in March

Last night in the Ohio St/Miami game, Jack McClinton of Miami took a swing at Anthony Crater of Ohio St.  Now, I don’t think it was an exceptionally vicious swipe, but it’s still something that shouldn’t have happened.

McClinton is clearly Miami’s best player and is one of the best guards in the country.  I definitely think the result would’ve been different had he been on the floor in the second half (the game was on it’s way to getting out of hand when he was ejected).

Miami has 2 losses already with a road game coming up against Kentucky.  It only has one game each against North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, and Clemson, teams considered to be the cream of the crop in the ACC.

The ‘Canes don’t have a lot of opportunities left for quality wins so that slap may have cost them a tournament berth.  It’s only December 3, but I think they’re in trouble already.  It’ll be interesting to see what the rest of the season has in store for Miami.

Post Holiday Reaction

I hope everyone has been watching basketball over the past week.  We’ve had plenty of great action from the Caribbean to the Hawaiian Islands.  We’ve had some impressive performances and then we’ve had some duds.

Stock Up: Gonzaga.  Never before have I thought a Gonzaga team had a better chance to get to the Final Four than this one.  I am pleasantly surprised by the offensive firepower the Zags have and they’re finally getting it on the defensive end.  If they don’t crack the Final Four this year, they may never do it.

Stock Down: Siena.  This is a team that had aspirations of an At-large berth into the NCAA tournament.  Those aspirations were dead by Friday.  Going 0-3 in Orlando was not what the doctor ordered for the Saints.  With Niagra impressing thus far, an automatic bid doesn’t seem like a sure bet either.

Stock Up: Wake Forest.  The Deamon Deacons won the 76 tournament out West this weekend and that’s quite an accomplishment for this young team.  While, they didn’t necessarily have to play against a loaded field, the win against Baylor was very impressive.  They’ll definitely be in the top 3rd of the ACC this year.

Stock Down: Louisville.  Oh goodness.  Any time the head coach issues a public apology on his website, than you know it’s bad.  I have a bad feeling about Louisville; the kind that says this team will do just enough to make it to the tournament, but won’t reach it’s potential.

Stock Up: Kyle McAlarney.  It doesn’t matter where he’s at on the floor, you HAVE to guard him.  His range is ridiculous.  While Luke Harangody was getting his lunch handed to him by Tyler Hansborough, McAlarney was lighting North Carolina up.  He’s definitely gotten my attention.

Stock Down: Gary Williams.  The natives are restless.  Getting crushed Gonzaga is one thing, we saw what the Zags did to Tennessee, but to get destroyed by your cross-town rival in Georgetown might signal the beginning of the end for Gary.  Now people may want to downplay it, but look at Georgetown’s roster.  They’re killing Maryland in Baltimore and DC.  Gary has to stop that bleeding or he’s going to get run out College Park like Herb Sendek was run out of Raleigh.

First bracket of the year below.  Few thoughts.  I don’t have much to go on.  3-7 games for most teams is way to small of sample to feel comfortable with the bracket, but this is what I do and why not.


1.North Carolina16.Hampton Greensboro, NC


5.Baylor12.Illinois St Boise, ID


6.Wisconsin11.BYU Minneapolis, MN


7.Arizona St10.Nebraska Philadelphia, PA



1.Pittsburgh16.Lamar/Grambling Dayton, OH

8.Florida St9.Washington St

5.Villanova12.George Mason Portland, OR

4.Michigan St13.Long Beach St

6.Davidson11.Minnesota Boise, ID

3.UCLA14.Utah St

7.Marquette10.Rhode Island Kansas City, MO

2.Oklahoma15.Mount St. Mary’s


1.Duke16.Oakland Greensboro, NC

8.Michigan9.St. Mary’s

5.Georgetown12.Mercer Miami, FL

4.Florida13.Western Kentucky

6.Kansas11.Kentucky Minneapolis, MN


7.Miami(FL)10.Utah Dayton, OH

2.Notre Dame15.Albany


1.Connecticut16.Cornell Philadelphia, PA


5.Memphis12.Ohio St Miami, FL


6.Wake Forest11.Mississippi Kansas City, MO

3.Purdue14.Jacksonville St

7.Seton Hall10.USC Portland, OR

2.Gonzaga15.Portland St

Welcome Home College Hoops Fans

This blog will be dedicated to nothing but college basketball.  Right now, we’re in the midst of Holiday tournament season with one of the great tournaments, EA Sports Maui Invitational tipping off today.

Saint Josephs vs. (8) Texas

Indiana vs. (9) Notre Dame

Chaminade vs. (1) North Carolina

Oregon vs. Alabama

We also have two other barnburners on tap for today as well.

(22) Wisconsin vs. (2) Connecticut-Championship game of the Paradise Jam in the Virgin Islands


Syracuse vs. (19) Florida in the semi-finals of the O’Reilly Auto Parts CBE Classic.

Lot’s of action makes this Monday tolerable.  Talk to you later.