Stetson Blows Late Lead in Loss to Florida Gulf Coast

View this post on Instagram Florida Gulf Coast 89 Stetson 88. WILD 2nd half. Stetson pulled a Georgetown by losing a game it led by 8 with 1:20 left. A post shared by George Barnette (@bracketvilleusa) on Jan 7, 2017 at 4:41pm PST The Stetson Hatters (7-10) had the Florida Gulf Coast (FGCU) Eagles right whereContinue reading “Stetson Blows Late Lead in Loss to Florida Gulf Coast”

Strongmen of the Southland

Wichita St is rolling.  So is Florida and Arizona. However, there is one team that hasn’t got a whiff of the publicity of those teams.  That team plays in the Southland Conference and it hasn’t lost since Nov. 23. The Stephen F. Austin (SFA) Lumberjacks sport a gaudy 27-2 as they steamroll toward the finishContinue reading “Strongmen of the Southland”